About Us

Elsewhere Travel was started by Jamie Collins,  Certified Travel Advisor, Cruise Specialist, Disney Aficionado, Restaurant Owner, Mom, Wife, and Beach Expert.

Growing up in Santa Barbara, California the beach has always been my happy place. 20 years ago I moved to Oregon, where I currently reside, but my heart stayed at the beach. Traveling has always been a huge passion, and lucky for me I married a man who shared that passion. We have 2 beautiful daughters together and have been blessed to share our love of travel with them. While not every place we have visited has a beach, most do.

We travel more than some as traveling makes us truly happy and allows us serious quality time as a family. While we haven’t been everywhere, it is definitely on the list.  I love Stand Up Paddle Boarding and try to incorporate it into as many destinations as I can. Paddle Boarding in the canals of Venice was one of my bucket list items and I was able to check the box in the Summer of 2022!

I love all aspects of traveling and over the years I have become very good at the planning. After many friends and family members came to me to plan their trips, I realized that this is my passion and it was what I should be doing. I’m detail-oriented, I love helping others and I love planning travel. Bingo. Elsewhere Travel!

I have been lucky to partner with Travel Planners International as an Independent Contractor as well as Signature Travel Network giving me access to a vast amount of major suppliers, learning opportunities, and a wealth of backup support should the need arise. I am so excited to begin this journey planning your journey!!

Let’s find your Elsewhere!

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